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Protected Tenancy properties come in many forms, such as regulated tenancies, assured tenants, lifetime tenants and agricultural tenants.

Protected Tenancy properties can often be very difficult to sell due to the permanent residence of the tenants. You may find that a major complication is that you are simply unable to arrange finance on these properties.

The majority of our tenants are elderly individuals who have inherited a tenancy but are unable to afford to maintain it. LPS strive to care for our tenants and we are so confident in our approach that we can happily provide references to you from our existing tenants.

Please note that all sales are treated in the strictest of confidence, which means that we will never speak to your existing tenant without your written permission.

There are a number of different types of protected tenancies. The main types are listed below:

Regulated Tenancy
A regulated tenancy is where the tenant, usually elderly people, pays a rent well below market levels and has full protection. They cannot be evicted and the rent can only be increased by very small amounts every 2 years.

Life Tenants
A Life Tenancy is very similar to the above but the tenants pay no rent at all. This is normally because they have sold the property on an equity release scheme therefore where an owner of the property will have received a lump sum and are then able to stay in their property for the rest of their life rent free. Sometimes these properties are created from the proceedings of a will.

Assured Tenants
An assured tenant is very similar to a regulated tenant but the tenants pay a market value rent.

Agricultural Tenants
These properties are normally more common in rural areas. The properties are sometimes part of an old landed estate. The tenants pay a low rent and cannot be evicted. The occupancy of the property is generally limited to people involved in agricultural business of some sort. The properties also usually come with land which has the same restrictions on use.

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